It is a portable machine with a 4T Honda GX35 gasoline engine that simplifies the installation of posts, stakes and the like since it does not need an external power source and can be used by one person. You can drive up to 500 posts with 1L. of gasoline that make it economical and versatile to use compared to similar machinery. 

Our nailers save time and we know that on the job it means money. It can drive up to 500 posts in 1 hour saving up to 83 % time compared to other manual post drivers and with only 1 liter of gasoline. Does not require a previous hole. Its solidity ensures that the stakes and posts remain fixed and do not need other additional supports.

You can nail any type of post that fits the nailer nozzle, whether it's metal, wood, plastic, or PVC.
For smaller poles, additional reducers can be attached for more comfortable use of the machine.
Due to the variety of posts our nailers can drive, if you have any questions about the type of posts you want to handle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Available Accessories
Reductor de nylon para estacas de acero o madera de 10mm a 52mm de diámetro para el modelo IBF-52, y de 65mm a 82mm de diámetro para el IBF-82.
Esto le permite clavar fácilmente estacas de diferentes tamaños en el suelo usando un esfuerzo mínimo con un nivel de precisión. La clavadora IBF-100 permite clavar estacas y postes más gruesos de 100mm a 136mm de diámetro.

No, the nailer is powered by the powerful Honda GX35 motor and does not require any external power supply.

Our nailers are CE certified and are the only ones that have vibration authorization from Honda, which ensures the correct operation of the equipment in accordance with the GX35 engine.

They are the only petrol nailers with real power and the ability to drive posts up to 100mm.

Other PDs promise to drive posts up to 120mm but actually require pre-drilling.
Quality for continuous professional use, backed by 7 years of innovation and development.

Use and maintenance

Easy to use, just follow our instruction manual for your first start up. Then it's just to get started, place on the post and pull the trigger; the nailer with its 1720 bpm will do the rest.

Depending on the hardness of the ground and the type of post, it can drive in less than 10 seconds as only the largest and most complex machines can do it.

As a manufacturer, Iberfence SL has a large number of spare parts in stock available at any time, capable of reaching any part of the world in a maximum of 4 days via Express.

At Iberfence we understand that our machines are in continuous production and cannot be stopped for any reason. For maintenance spare parts, such as O-rings, we will deliver a first package completely free of charge with your machine.

The posts can be driven into any type of porous soil, earth (of all types), sand, volcanic sand, even soils with small stones, etc. but poles cannot be hammered into rock, cement, concrete, etc. soils.

Maintenance depends on the time of use. Please consult the manual where the times and type of maintenance required are specified.


Our machines are covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

It includes any failure of the machine by design or material fatigue due to manufacturing defects, cracks or defects in the tempering of the metal.

For the Honda GX35 engine warranty, please refer to the official Honda warranty terms or visit your nearest Honda official service point.

Our machines are certified to run only on genuine Honda engines. Any attempt to replace the motor will void the warranty on the entire machine.

Any repair carried out by an unauthorized agent or without obtaining the authorization of Iberfence will invalidate the permanent guarantee of the nailer.

For more warranty information, please see our Warranty Terms

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