TL-100™ Gripple with TL-A3 Anchor

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TL-100 with 3 mm zinc cable-pressed aluminum on a TL-A3 anchor

Work load: 450kg


Secures geotextiles and anti-erosion blankets, facilitating vegetation growth for erosion control and soil stabilization applications.

• Its open top facilitates the growth of vegetation
• Diameter of the stop 100 mm
• For 3mm cable
• Manufactured in a single piece of Zamac
• The pre-assembled assembly ensures time and labor savings.
• The cable can be cut at ground level
• Available with standard cable from 1 m to 1.5 m on request.


Component Guy Material Specifications
Stop TL-100™ ZA 2 Zinc-Aluminum Alloy and
Stop diameter 100 mm
Working temperature: -40 ºC to +60 ºC
UV stabilized PP lid
Anchor TL-A2



Zinc-Aluminum Alloy – ZA2 Surface: 1,940 mm²

Area: 3,870 mm²

Surface: 7,740 mm²

Steel wire 3MM-Z Zinc-Aluminum Zn-AL
carbon steel cover
Diameter: 3mm, 1×19 wire
(1 770 N/mm2 Tensile strength DIN 3053)
Clamp Ring Aluminum Length: 12.8mm
Thickness: 1.5mm







Gripple solutions save time during installation thanks to their ease of use and intuitive design. Below you can see the product in action.

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