Iberfence Farmer 100 – Clavadora de estacas y postes

 1.099,00 1.395,80 + VAT

La clavadora de estacas y postes Farmer 100 permite clavar cualquier tamaño de hasta 100mm de diámetro (120mm opcional), esta herramienta portátil y liviana facilita que un solo operador realice el trabajo.

Designed for professional markets. Fast and powerful.

High-impact hammer action strikes at 1,500-2,000 blows per minute, ensuring posts drive into the ground fast and easy in any terrain.

This allows you to easily tailor the post driver to fit your specific needs.

Admite todo tipo de postes y estacas

tipos de postes

Portable design, only 22.5 kg

Light and compact with high quality material, it is the best option for agriculture, vineyards and fencing. It is also ideal for use on steep or inaccessible locations, and is less physically demanding than traditional methods.

Great power and impact frequency

Clava postes fácilmente en la superficie del suelo, incluso en entornos hostiles.

less vibration

Vibration-damped, soft-grip handle with 4 damping springs to minimize vibrations.

In addition to the nailer, the kit includes:
  • Sturdy box for easy storage and transport.
  • Incluye adaptador de 100mm y 3 reductores de 20 a 73mm. (Adaptador 120mm opcional)
  • EP0 grease tube.
  • Maintenance tools.
  • Instruction and maintenance manual


Stop wasting time and energy struggling with traditional post installation methods.


  • Fences and fences for farms and ranches
  • Piquetas para carpas y jaimas de gran tamaño
  • Foundation and fixing micropiles
  • Tutors in parks, nurseries and forestry operations
  • Vineyards, horticultural plantations and greenhouses
  • Perimeter protection on roads, preserves, etc.


Technical characteristics:
  • Dimension máxima admitida 100mm (opcional 120mm)
  • Impact power 1600Kgf
  • Energia de impacto 43.3 Joules
  • Peso 22.50 Kg


Maximum pole diameter admitted 100mm (optional 120mm)
engines available Iberfence IBF-37 / Honda GX35T (optional)
Fuel type Gasoline 92 octane or higher
maximum power 1.3hp/6,500rpm
Fuel consumption ≤0.71L/H
impact frequency 1500-2000 blows per minute
impact energy Until 43.4 July
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